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Cost effective

Shredding Saves You Money – Shred Your Documents Not Profits

In a typical office, a staff worker will create, on average, 2.2 lbs of paper waste per day. Of those 2.2 lbs, approximately one half (or 17.6 oz.) is projected to be classified or sensitive data, which needs to be properly disposed. In a typical 22 workday month, the result is 24.2 lbs per person or 290 +/- pounds per year. In an office with 5 staff members the figure may exceed some 1,452 lbs per year.

If an employee were to spend five minutes per day shredding self-generated confidential information at $10.00 an hour, the cost would be approximately $.17 per minute or $4.25 per week or $221.00 per year. With 5 employees doing the in-house shredding the cost may exceed $1100.00 per year.

Security Shredding Services can shred the 1,452 lbs of confidential information for an annual cost of $189.39.