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Check Out Our Most Frequently Asked Questions


Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

Yes, we are federally and state licensed, HIPAA compliant, Insured and bonded.


What happens to my material after it is shredded?

All shredded material is baled and recycled. It is shipped to paper mills where it is used
as a pulp substitutes sparing the harvesting of new trees for their pulp content.


How far do we go?

We serve Northeast Nebraska, Northwest Iowa and Southeast South Dakota tri-state area. Please call us about your needs outside of the this area.


How do we get set up?

Simply give us a call.


Does it cost to have a container?

There are no additional charges for the storage container.


How often do you stop?

Whatever your situation calls for, whether it is on-call or on a scheduled basis

Are you approved to do HIPAA related document destruction of medical records and medical electronically stored records?

Yes, Security Shredding services is a HIPAA compliant media destruction company that destroys both paper documents and electronic media.


What electronic media do you accept?

Security Shredding Services accepts the following:

Hard Drives, (laptop and desktop)When Security Shredding is finished, the hard drive is reduced to pieces.

Backup Magnetic Taps (cartridges)

Floppy Disk

Zip Disk

Optical Media (CDs, DVDs, Blue-Ray and HD DVDs).

Cell Phones