Security Shredding Services Will Ensure Your Privacy

If you are currently doing your own shredding, Security Shredding Services will save you
time and money.
(See example at right) You have the guarantee that your confidential
information stays confidential. From your container to shredder, all documents enclosed are
secure. You are issued a  "Certificate of Destruction". This verifies that all information has been
destroyed in a professional manner.

For added protection, Security Shredding Services is the only on site document destruction
company in the tristate region that bales all the shredded paper under our own roof and ships
the bales directly to a paper mill for recycling. The other shredding companies unload their
shredded paper on the ground at public recycling centers and drive away without a care in the
world what happens to it next, just so that it's off their trucks.

By making the choice to shred, you are providing your customers a huge security benefit, while
also providing a green solution to a business concern of getting rid of  unwanted and out of date
documents. Not only are your unwanted documents destroyed, but now they contribute to a
recycling program which helps save our environment. The importance of this way of thinking is
at the very heart of our business - saving trees and identities.
shred unwanted files
  • We Make It Easy For You to Comply With the Security Laws

  • Free Up Space and Make the Documents that You Want to
    Keep More Accessible.

  • Go For the Secure Cost Effective Document Destruction
Why Should You Shred?
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In a typical office, a staff worker will
create, on average, 2.2 lbs of paper
waste per day. Of those 2.2 lbs,
approximately one half (or 17.6 oz.)
is projected to be classified or
sensitive data, which needs to be
properly disposed. In a typical 22
workday month, the result is 24.2 lbs
per person or 290 +/- pounds per
year. In an office with 5 staff
members the figure may exceed
some 1,452 lbs per year.

If an employee were to spend five
minutes per day shredding
self-generated confidential
information at $10.00 an hour, the
cost would be approximately $.17
per minute or $4.25 per week or
$221.00 per year. With 5 employees
doing the in-house shredding the
cost may exceed $1100.00 per year.

Security Shredding Services can
shred the 1,452 lbs of confidential
information for an annual cost of