Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed, bonded and insured?
Yes, we hold state licenses, bonding and insurance.

What happens to my material after it is shredded?
All shredded material is baled and recycled. It is shipped to paper mills where it is used
as a pulp substitutes sparing the harvesting of new trees for their pulp content.

How far do we go?
We travel consistently in an 150 mile radius. Although, we have even been as far as

How do we get setup?
Simply give us a call.

Does it cost to have a container?
There are no additional charge for the storage container.

How often do you pick up waste?
Whatever your situation calls for. Whether it is on-call or on a route basis.

Are you approved to do HIPAA related document destruction of medical records and
medical electronically stored records?
Yes, Security Shredding Services is the only on site document destruction company in
the tristate region that bales all the shredded paper under our own roof and ships the
bales directly to a paper mill for recycling.
Shredded Material
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